Midnight thoughts

Midnight thoughts
Photo by Shot by Cerqueira / Unsplash

Welp, yesterday's blog post went viral on the Fediverse. On the plus side, this site started off with a bang. But that instant popularity has come at a price: for a good portion of the day, things slowed to a crawl.

I've been debating whether I want to open this instance up to more sign-ups, but I'm ultimately not seeing much benefit. There's already lots of instances that have open registrations. If there's a rush of new members here, I have to do extra moderation all while having to pay more hosting fees.

But then I got to consider my actual goals. My goal is ownership of my social data, and with that, the freedom to share my interests as I choose. And I have a lot of interests: music, sci fi, business, photography, aesthetics, video games... I can go on.

I remember when Instagram started hiding my photos from my followers. I was effectively shadow banned with no explanation given. Perhaps Instagram thought I posted too much – even though my collective posts were about six per day. But the whole experience poisoned Instagram permanently for me.

Instagram's perplexing moderation ended up being a blessing in disguise. If no one sees my posts, are they still worthwhile? As it happens, yes. I can appreciate social media software for its own sake, it's the humans who run it that I can't stand.

Sharing the different albums I own, yeah that's fun. I like music. I want to record my listening experience for posterity. It means something to me.

What this instance gives me is peace of mind. Here's photos of my life experiences, and nobody can ever taken it down except me. Investing in my life, that's worthwhile. That's worth the hosting costs.

Paying bandwidth for someone to potentially troll and harass others? Not worth it. And I don't have to explain why this is the case except: not on my dime.

Thus, here's my standpoint – at least with this particular instance. This is my space. Registrations are therefore not open. If you request an account, maybe I'll allow it.

But only on the condition that you respect that it's my space.