Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Menu screen for Venture Kid

I'm finally doing it. I'm creating a Mastodon instance. Hopefully, I'll have that ready in two months, but in the mean time, I might as well get the creative juices flowing on this new blog.

Typically, when I create something new on social media, I make it hyper-focused on a topic. But my general goal is to make the topic about myself. That is, my life. So this will exist as a general of sorts without airing out too much of my dirty laundry.

So who am I? I'm Chris Trottier. I'm a husband and dad. I also work in the tech industry, and do a little investing. When I'm not doing family stuff or working, I spend the bulk of my time with photography, music, video games, movies, and books. But my main hobby is looking after r/Sizz, an aesthetic subreddit.

There's a lot I want to talk about but I think, at first, I'm going to take things slow. The danger with a new venture is overreach. If this thing is going to be a success, I need to maximize my time wisely.

Here's a few miscellaneous notes about my experiences today:

I just discovered an Egyptian music genre called Al Jeel and damn if it ever hits hard. The maestro of this sound is Hamid El Shaeri, and that man could write a catchy tune. For weeks, I've debated whether or not to buy his work on vinyl. Maybe this is the week I do it.

Venture Kid screenshot

I continue to be impressed with Venture Kid, even though I'm having a really hard time beating the boss on the third level. The art style has lots of appeal to me, but the soundtrack is excellent.

I had low expectations for My Boss's Daughter. I was expecting a crappy romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid. Instead what I got was an uproarious ensemble farce that included Molly Shannon, Andy Richter, Michael Madsen, David Koechner, Carmen Electra, Kenan Thompson, Dave Foley, and Jeffrey Tambor. It's an all star cast, and they deliver.

For this reason, it shocks me that this movie only got 8% on Rotten Tomatoes, but I think it's because the movie really was ahead of its time when it comes to comedy.

I also got to try a new ramen restaurant today. It was a tad expensive, but at least it was tasty.

One final note: I'm trying my hand at, and trying to wean myself away from Twitter. I have many reasons to leave Twitter, but the biggest reason is that they've handicapped what I can do on that platform. For reasons unbenownst to me, they "suspended" my art account, my Star Trek fan account, even my business account – which hadn't been in use for nearly five years.

If I can't tweet about my interests, then what's the point of me staying on Twitter? For that matter, I don't trust any social media where I'm not in control of my personal data. Hence, my need to join the Fediverse.

Same goes for blogging. This is a self-hosted venture. It will continue to be self-hosted. This is my space. Perhaps I'll even letter certain people, who I trust, to have access to my space. We'll see.